These are my current (and probably everyone's) most wanted shows and themes. Basically I'm looking for shows from the '60s-80s that haven't been rerun on GSN. Most of these might be unlikely as many of these may not even exist anymore, but if you happen to have any of these, please e-mail me to set up a trade:

US Game Shows
--All Star Anything Goes
--Battlestars (other than the 5 I have)
--Blank Check - any ep besides the pilot and third ep
--Break the Bank '76 - the actual PILOT, or any shows GSN hasn't shown (especially Jack Barry shows)
--Celebrity Sweepstakes - any eps besides the pilot and NBC finale
--Dating Game - Jeff MacGregor's FIRST-aired from Sept '87 (this was extremely funny)
--Dealer's Choice - other than the 3 that everyone has
--Don Adams Screen Test - other than the pilot
--Guinness Game - any
--High Rollers - '74-'76 run, or '75 once-weekly syndicated
--Love Experts - any eps. other than the three that are circulating
--Money Maze - other than the pilot or the one recently found
--Musical Chairs - other than the three currently out there
--Password - any early eps. from ABC version from '71-74
--Pop N Rocker Game - other than the two we've all got
--Press Your Luck - any eps. from the show's last month in September 1986
--Sale of the Century - '69-73 version
--Split Second - any ABC shows that don't currently circulate
--Truth or Consequences - any eps. other than the handful that have been traded around
--Whew - other than the ones I've got
--Wizard of Odds - any eps. at all

Canadian Game Shows
--Anything You Can Do - any ep. besides the one that's recently started circulating
--Definition - other than the few I've got, especially looking for the '89 finale or any '70s shows
--He Knows She Knows - any eps. at all besides the recently found pilot
--Pay Cards - Paul Hanover version

These are the themes I'd most like to add to my collection:
--Money Maze
--Dream House - second version
--It's Anybody's Guess
--Anything You Can Do (Canadian Show)
--He Knows, She Knows (Canadian Show)
--It's Your Move - 1978 version (Canadian Show)

If you don't have any of these but have a good collection, please e-mail me and we'll see what we can work out!!

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